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Walking into a wet basement is one of the worst nightmares of any home owner. Basement moisture problems can result from flooding due to natural disasters, plumbing leaks or even dampness amongst others. Whatever the reason is for your basement moisture problems, one thing is for sure. You need an experienced foundation waterproofing Kenosha WI 53140 contractor to help ensure that your basement remains watertight.

There are various systems that can be used for waterproofing your basement. The type of system selected for the repair of your foundation will depend on the problem. Here’s what to expect with foundation waterproofing repair.

Starting with the source

The source of your problem must be identified. This will guide the contractor on what solution to apply. The first question to ask yourself therefore is how water is making its way to your basement.

Check your drainage systems including the downspouts and gutters to ensure that they are diverting water away from your home and not toward it.

A professional can help you identify more subtle problems that could be causing the moisture problems. Be sure to contact a professional as soon as you discover moisture problems in your basement.

Be sure to get bids from different companies

When faced with a flooded basement, we are likely to jump at the offer provided by the first contractor we come across. It is however important to get several estimates from different companies. This will ensure that you get a fair price for the repair. It will also help you in identifying a reliable contractor.

It is important to ensure that the contractor comes on site to inspect your basement before providing you with a quotation. This ensures that you get an accurate quotation. Avoid dealing with any contractors that offer to give you a quotation without inspecting the basement.

Choose a contractor that uses the problem-solving approach

One size doesn’t fit all. It is important to be able to get a solution that is applicable to your particular situation. Each situation after all is unique. Your contractor should treat it as such.

In many cases, foundation waterproofing Kenosha WI 53140 problems are the result of a combination of events. There is usually no one thing that has caused the problem. It is therefore impossible to apply a one-size-fits-all solution to basements.

Do you own research online and learn what you can about repair of foundations. This will help you to better understand the solutions that the contractors offer you.

January 16, 2015 Basement Waterproofing Kenosha WI , Foundation Repair

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